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A How-To Guide For Creating Effective Business Flyers

Contrary to popular belief, print advertising remains relevant despite the prevalence of modern digital marketing. According to research, as many as 82 per cent of consumers trust printed ads more than other marketing channels. This means that including business flyers in your marketing campaign is still a worthwhile investment, even to this day.

Business flyers are tangible, incredibly cost-effective, and perfect for promoting just about anything. Furthermore, they are highly versatile, serve as a good complement to digital ads, have quick turnaround times, and, most importantly, are a measurable form of marketing. In short, business flyers are a great way to convey your brand’s messages in an easy and colourful way. The question now is how exactly do you go about creating eye-catching and effective flyers for your business? Keep on reading as we dive into the details below.

What is the purpose of your flyer?

Making business flyers is not something you should do just for the sake of it. Before jumping straight into choosing the best design ideas or headlines to use, it is important to nail down the basics first, such as the core purpose of your flyer. They need to be in line with the brand’s marketing strategy for them to work. Otherwise, they may come off as just a stand-alone marketing piece.

Are you trying to attract new leads to your store? Encourage new prospects to reach out and know more about the brand and its products? Or perhaps pique people’s curiosity and raise interest in the business? Whatever your ultimate goal may be, it is imperative that your business flyers are created with a defined purpose.

What key message will your flyer convey?

Once you have a purpose and target audience in mind, the next crucial step is to develop the key message you want people to take away after seeing the flyer. What do you want them to think, feel, or do afterwards? What should they remember about the product or your brand? What is the core attribute or benefit you want them to associate the business with? It is vital to deliver one specific message out of all the information you may include in your flyer. Also, consider that most people now have shorter attention spans, so it would be best to keep your message brief and cut it down to the crucial elements you need to convey!

Apart from the message, direction is another key requirement. After reading your message, what do you specifically wish for your audience to do? For instance, do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter or check out a sale or new product in your store? Even if your goal is to drive awareness, you still want to clarify what action readers can take as the next step.

The bottom line is that you should not keep them idle. Keep your words in the active voice and not the passive voice to further reinforce the next step you want them to take. Tell the reader to “call now”, “order now” or check out your website. Make sure they know you want them to interact with you.

How do you know if your design is effective?

The possibilities are virtually limitless when it comes to flyer design ideas. Once you understand who the flyers are for and what they are designed to achieve, making a good design becomes a lot easier. If you want to further simplify things, you can rely on online printing services to handle most of the work for you.

With that said, it still falls on you to develop an effective design that achieves your goals. Gauging this effectiveness can be boiled down into four main qualities: eye-catching, targeted, informative, and convincing.

Eye-catching simply means it should be interesting enough to make people stop and take a few moments to view your flyer. Having a catchy headline helps tremendously in this regard, so put a lot of thought into the headline of your flyer. It should be intriguing and pertinent to your business. Reading the headline, the consumer should have a good idea of what you do.

Targeted refers to speaking directly to the people you want to reach. One way to achieve this is by using words such as “you” or “your” in the flyer, as this indicates that you are speaking directly to the reader.

Informative is self-explanatory. It should be easily identifiable what the flyer is advertising and offer readers extra details about where they can find out more.

Lastly, the flyer must be convincing. It should get readers hyped about the product or service you are offering and eager to buy it or experience it as soon as possible.


With this guide, you should hopefully now have a better idea of creating a good business flyer. If you are ready to make your designs come to life, do not hesitate to give us a call at SG Printz. As one of the leading providers of online printing services in Singapore, we offer a wide range of premium yet affordable printed materials for all your marketing needs, including customised packaging, marketing collaterals, bags, folders, business cards, and more. Collaborate with us to find the best value today and get started with your project!