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Do Flyers Still Work As A Marketing Tool In The Digital Age?

Flyers are a cost-effective and versatile way to reach out to a wide audience. This is because flyers can be distributed anywhere to spread brand awareness or promote a particular product, service, or event.

However, in an increasingly digitalised world, will flyer marketing still be as effective? Here are some compelling benefits to prove that flyer marketing is still a powerful strategy.

1. Flyers can be easily and massively produced

Unlike other marketing methods, advertising with flyers takes only a fraction of the time to be produced. All you need to do is find a trusted company that offers online printing services in Singapore and have them print the flyers for you. The quick turnaround of printing flyers allows you to have them printed at short notice, which can be especially useful when sharing news with the relevant people quickly.

2. Ideal for special announcements

Whether you are holding a grand opening, launching a product, having a sale, or hosting a big event, flyers are the perfect way to make those special announcements to local customers. What’s more, people love having something that they can put their hands on. Flyers can help you get the message across quickly to many people in the community at once.

3. A relatively inexpensive marketing tool

Unlike pay-per-click (PPC), influencer marketing, or other digital marketing methods, flyer printing only costs a fraction of what you would spend on other strategies. All you would have to do is to brainstorm ideas, take it to a designer who can create a stunning design, then find a trusted printing company!

4. Flyers offer effectiveness that you can track

In today’s highly competitive marketing arena, companies are quite intent on tracking the efficiency of their marketing campaigns. After all, it’s imperative that you are able to get as much value as possible for every dollar you spend. With flyers, you can have them printed with coupon codes, QR codes, or links to your stores to make it easier for you to track performance.

5. With the right design, colourful flyers can draw a lot of attention

Whether handed personally to people at an event or hung up on the street, colourful flyers can attract a ton of attention. Therefore, it’s important that you choose the right online printing company to help you make your flyer marketing a success. A good printing company would help you create visually appealing designs that would give you the edge with their affordable yet high quality printing in the digital age.


When designing your flyers, it would be beneficial to use the same colours and fonts to ensure that your printed advertising collaterals resonate with your brand image. This helps your target audience easily recognise your flyers, and in turn, boosts brand recognition!

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