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Flyer Marketing 101: What You Need To Know To Get Started

Among the wide range of print materials that companies now have at their disposal, there is no doubt that the simple flyer is unbeatable when it comes to flexibility. A couple of factors contribute to its advantage in this respect, including its countless uses in marketing and ease of distribution to customers as they only require a single sheet of paper. As such, if you are interested in branching out your marketing efforts beyond the online space with traditional yet effective flyer marketing, here’s what you need to know to get started.

Types of Flyers

Despite being made of the same material, flyers slightly differ in how they are marketed. The following are some of the more popular flyers you can pick up while out and about.

Business flyers

Often referred to as professional flyers, this type of flyer is typified with a clean design and layout and promotes a company’s corporate identity, products, and services. For flyers designed specifically for branding purposes, the copy may mainly focus on delivering detailed information about the business so that the target audience can become more familiar with them.


Using die-cut flyers is among the best ways to stand out from the competition who also use promotional print materials to complement their digital marketing efforts. What sets these flyers apart is that they come in unique shapes that allow for more creative and widely different designs far removed from the bland flyer look that piques people’s interest.

Card club

The appearance of these flyers matches the pizzazz and glamour of nightclubs and other similar events. In other words, they forego the more professional look of business flyers in favour of more vibrant designs with hi-res images and vector art to create stunning promotional material.

Key Factors in Designing Flyers

There are several key factors to prioritise when designing your flyer materials, namely graphics, copy, and print quality.


Colours play a big part in the design of your flyers as they determine whether your overall design looks visually appealing and harmonious or discordant to the viewer. Moreover, there is the symbolism behind colours that you would be remiss not to consider since they impact our moods, influence our thinking, and, most importantly, inspire our decision-making daily. As such, working with a graphic designer on this part is always recommended, as their knowledge of concepts like colour psychology and general expertise ensures your design comes out perfect.


Using the right colours in your flyers and connecting with your target audience at the visual level is only the first step. The next thing to prioritise is appealing to their emotions or intellect, which you can easily achieve by making a straightforward copy for your flyers. Great copywriting encourages readers to heed the flyer’s call to action, whether by simply reaching out to the business via its contact details, scanning a QR code, or typing a URL shortener in their smartphones.

Print quality

Having a compelling flyer design does not mean your work is done, as you still need to ensure that the physical print looks exactly like the one on your screen. As such, coordinate with a reputable printing company to ensure issues like discoloured prints or unaligned images do not ruin your prints and waste your resources. Other printing mistakes to look for include using a different colour mode than what is used on your design file, poor resolution and DPI, and designing beyond the bleed lines.

Advantages of Using Flyers for Advertising

Using flyers for marketing and advertising brings many advantages for businesses besides being an affordable yet effective way of getting their message out. These include:

1. Provide a better avenue in marketing your business

Flyers excel at creatively promoting your business, and their light weight means you can distribute them to many people in strategic areas at any time of the day.

2. Save big on your marketing budget

Flyers require less investment than other advertising materials which often require a higher budget. And with many online printing companies nowadays providing custom flyer printing services for less, getting a good deal is easier than ever.

3. Reach more people

The simplicity and ability to print numerous copies enable flyers to reach more people than other promotional print materials. This lets businesses spread their brand identity to those who may not have noticed them before, particularly those who do not spend much time online.


As a low-cost but high-yield promotional material, flyers offer many advantages and a proven way for businesses to achieve their marketing goals even in today’s digital age. If you have a flyer design ready to go, reach out to us at SG Printz and let us help you make your designs a reality.

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