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Flyers VS Brochures: What Are Their Key Differences?

When it comes to the print elements that every business needs, flyers and brochures are not to be missed.

Despite their prevalence and benefits, many marketers and business owners are still unaware or unsure of the distinctions between these two print marketing materials. In fact, the terms “flyer” and “brochure” are often used interchangeably, and most people do not know if these two terms mean the same thing.

While flyers and brochures do indeed share some similarities, they are actually quite different. These significant differences may impact the performance of your marketing strategies, so it is essential for businesses to consider their features before selecting one of them. Keep on reading as we explore 3 key differences between flyers and brochures!

1. Differences in layout

Arguably one of the biggest differences between flyers and brochures is their layouts.

Generally, flyers tend to be single-sheet and unfolded. Sometimes, they may also be known as leaflets, and are typically only printed on one side (though that doesn’t mean that printing on both sides is impossible). As compared to brochures, flyers are smaller in size – ranging from A5 to A6, or any other size that is relatively easy to handle.

On the other hand, brochures may consist of several pages and are typically printed on both sides. A stand-out feature of brochures is their folds, which may come in a range of options – including bi-folded, tri-folded, Z-folded, and more. It is worth noting that brochures are not to be confused with booklets, which also have multiple sheets like brochures but are always bound together.

2. Differences in their uses and lifespan

Flyers allow you to distribute information to a large group of people, such as at a fair or event. Due to the limitations in space, flyers are best used for conveying short, concise, and general messages. In other words, they can be likened to casting a wide net – with their primary function being to aid you in getting the word out quickly and to as many people as possible. They have a shorter lifespan, and most businesses use them for announcements, new product or service promotions and more.

Flyers are excellent for large-volume hand-outs, whereas brochures are designed to be read and repeatedly referred to. Given their layout, more information may be included in brochures — this is where you may get into detail about your business’s various goods and services, as opposed to the general message included in flyers. Thus, brochures tend to have a longer lifespan and would be best for targeting prospective clients who are already interested in your brand and are looking to learn more.

3. Differences in benefits

As mentioned earlier, flyers are an inexpensive marketing tool that allows you to reach as many people as possible, since they are so easy to distribute. They are your best low-cost option if you are looking to spread the word about your brand and make a big impression. Moreover, they do not take up too much room in storage since they can be easily stacked.

For brochures, there is more room to experiment with different graphics and images. With plenty of room to add in-depth details and even a call-to-action, brochures are great for promoting your brand by informing potential customers about what your brand has to offer. This can help to boost sales by converting prospects into customers.


So, are flyers and brochures the same? Well, the short answer is no.

Both of these print materials are great in their own ways, so it is up to you to decide on which would align most with your business’s goals and needs. Most companies tend to utilise a mixture of different print collaterals as part of their marketing strategies.

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